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Cabaret by Kander & Ebb

Purdue University Theatre, February 2017 


The classic, tragic ​musical of seduction--not just sexual enticements (though there are plenty of them at the Kit Kat Klub), but the attractiveness, as the dictionary describes, of “beliefs and actions that are inadvisable or foolhardy.” Human beings can be seduced by easy solutions, false friends, false prophets, and promises of order, power and control. That’s much easier than contending with the fact that nothing on this earth is ever truly secure. 

The graduate design team was inspired by architecture of the industrial revolution. This placed characters in a decaying, inhospitable world they built themselves. The set featured an automated elevator.  

Choreographer: Kat Hickey

Music Director: Sarah Mummey 

Scenic Design: Ivana Vukomanovic (MFA Terminal Project)

Costume Design: Stephanie Nguyen

Lighting Design: Megan Turnquist (MFA Terminal Project)

Sound Design: Michelle Ohumukini (MFA Terminal Project)

Technical Director: Erin Canfield 

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